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The Age of the Sacred Feminine

The Age of the Sacred Feminine is now. Human consciousness is on the threshold to this radically new understanding of life, love and truth in today’s changing world. Zara the Sacred Feminine is a metaphorical presentation of this dynamic.

Zara is the story of a young woman’s unchartered journey into the human psyche obliging her to face the truth of the personal self, the cause of all our suffering. The Magus, her mentor, demonstrates in her direct experience the inherent program of the person as the ongoing expression of the human dilemma trapped in a repetitive process. After realizing that all persons, their masks, opinions and beliefs must inevitably dissolve, Zara passes through the mystical death. The answer is immediate. She discovers the vastness of her true nature, the sacred feminine and the real elixir of life.

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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Our evolution of consciousness

“Nothing can enter our consciousness in our existential world before its time . It first becomes rejected because it is seen as a threat to the established structures built on the relative known. We as our structures oppose the new because our structures are based on the past.

“We live in the past; even the future we perceive is an ongoing projection of past. The fear of the unknown prevails and so it continues through sequential events until the time is right.

“History demonstrates this fact. When Galileo dared to voice that our planet was not as then perceived, he was ostracized by the power structures and obliged to refute his discovery.The prophets faced the same issue, the structures of their time banishing them, like the followers of Jesus driven underground by the interpretative minds creating their own version of his life and events as a means for restructuring control, peace upon all of them. It is exactly the same today; our scientists are our new high priests, still trapped within the narrow confines of mind.”

So spoke the Magus to Zara. Reading her story is an enlightening experience.


Zara meets the Teacher.

It is a small gathering of just the few who have transcended the mundane, the ones who have seen the light and are ready. Zara sits in their midst listening to the words of the Magus.

“I make reference to the three principles of the creation. These are the ONE divine principle manifesting as the feminine and masculine appearing as time at the centre point of all conscious occurrences relative to the human mind. The divine undivided is immediate in each and everyone. It is ‘I’, your true nature, in absolute stillness realized in your immediate experience. Speaking universally, there is one ‘I’ which you address as your true self. This one ‘I’ alone is life. Everyone and everything appearing around your 'I' are the reflections of 'I' in countless life forms. They are not life in the first instance that is immediate in your body right NOW.”

“I think, therefore I am,” Zara interjects her knowledge of Descartes. “Are we not ruled by our minds?”

"The mind takes shape forming your acquired nature. It consists of your beliefs and conditioning relative to your individual placement in space and time. This is human consciousness arising in the mind. The world known by the mind appears through conscious understanding as the play between man and woman on the ongoing stage of existence. As a corollary, the mind perceives its inferiority and becomes absorbed in its quest for power, currently expressed by patriarchal structuralism in its necessity to dominate the feminine. This occurs in man’s realization through partial knowledge that he is inferior to an unknown higher intelligence. Forgetting he is begotten through the feminine, the temple of the divine in existence, he testifies the higher intelligence to be a god according to his image of such attestation arising from his own particular condition. The many religions of the conflicting world emerge from this distortion, each with their particular god, each believing theirs the true interpretation of the unknown.”

“The many religions of the world are equally supported by women, even more so at times,” a woman expresses.

“Quite true; however, I am not discussing gender, the genetic construct of the body. The difference between woman and man is only one of degree. We are looking much deeper. Our effort here is to see the program, the repetitive and innate condition perpetuating our turmoil.  Can we break free from this web?”

A man speaks. “Our religious institutions show us the way by setting the moral codes to help us identify our boundaries.”

"Let us re-examine this issue. We as our religious institutions kill the messenger and distort the message. The moral codes we set accordingly. Social and political structures serve the mind projection estranged from the one divine principle. The spinoffs from conflicting interpretations give rise to countless wars expressing man's ignorance against his fellow man. The endless bloodshed obliges the body of humanity to arrive at periodic consensus, seldom more than a temporary reprieve while time rejuvenates depleting numbers in the physical realm. These physical wars between factions are always sporadic due to the inherent limitations of the physical, while the psychological wars proceed unabated.

“This is the world manifesting through the human mind. It is not the blessed earth, nor is it life. The turgidity unceasingly endures through the mental process; known in your direct experience when you truly look at the self. It all begins and ends in you and me, the individual man and woman absorbing these words."

Zara raises the question: "Is it possible to transcend the mind, while knowing that the void between the mind and no-mind cannot be bridged? Is there such a ground within us that is without mind? Is there a ground of absolute impartiality?"

"In the first instance, life is you in your body in the spontaneity of NOW. You are the child of the universe, the child of the sacred feminine materialising as the blessed earth embracing you every perceivable moment. You are life in its fullness and God cannot be other than life immediate to you in the here and now. This is God realization, the garden of immortality in the NOW.”

“Can we accept a God that allows the horrors we see in the world?”

"The world is not life. It is a construct of the mind. From this mind-world our questions arise and our challenges against the interpretations of our mind-perceived Gods other than our own. Let us go a little deeper and enter the realm of the human psyche, or the unconscious part of the mind from where all our actions and interpretations commence. Although this is simple, it is not easy. The mind wants to display its intellectuality engaging its drama in what it has learned outside of itself. This is its acquired knowledge for its acquired nature, the dysfunction it is programmed to serve.”

“What is the sacred feminine?” Zara requires an answer.

"Here in existence, in our immediate and direct experience, the essence of woman is the manifestation of the Sacred Feminine, the temple of the one divine principle permeating existence here NOW where ‘I’ am life in this body. The Sacred Feminine is the divine Mother-Earth-Spirit, the love in existence where love is most needed and only through whom man can realise his Godhood. Man and woman, the message transmits it is now time we transcend our petty worlds and take full responsibility."

Zara listened intently, in inner space connecting to the truth in the word.

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Thursday, 1 September 2011


Copyright (c) Alemu Wolde-Michaél
"What is NOW?" Zara questions the Magus.

"In your direct experience, life is you this moment now. There is no life other than life now in your body. All others you see are life forms but not actual life in your being. You are perpetually now. The Big Bang and other such theories are assumptions arising in the mind, which is not the immediacy of NOW.”

“What is time,” she asks.

“Time is a circular projection perpetually arising in the NOW. In this immeasurable NOW, all time, past, present and future projects outward, in the slow movement of the mind seen as yesterday, today and tomorrow, next year, last century, last millennium. The mind is time which is past. The world, its projection through the brain, is also past. The present and future it projects comes out of the past in its need for re-creating more of itself. Human consciousness is at the dawning of this fact, hence the current turbulence in world structures appearing at this particular time.

Looking from stillness, it is perceived and understood according to one’s lights. This knowledge is already within everyone and everything taking life form on this planet. You and I are the universal, the great vastness beyond all limits. The void between the unknown and the mind cannot be bridged, it can only be understood when the inner ear opens to the oneness of God."

So spoke the Magus to Zara, the new woman of the earth, the woman who listened. Reading her story is an insight into the unknown and a key for transcendence to the next realm.

Copyright (c) Alemu Wolde-Michaél
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